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Building Blocks


Imported Glass - A very broad and carefully selected range of hand made and machined glass including Youghiogheny, Uroboros, Spectrum, Kokomo and more. Each piece is chosen for its colour palette and texture much like a painter selects and mixes oils. Fused glass pieces are all selected from the Spectrum 96 range of compatible 96 coe glass with often multiple firing schedules employed to achieve desired results.


Frames Borders & Bases - Many pieces might include a frame, border or base which are handcrafted from either salvaged local timbers or welded steel rods.


Natural Agate Slices - These natural stone slices are simply polished to a high lustre. They are not colour treated in any way to ensure the colour does not fade over time so you can rely on the everlasting beauty of each piece.


Semi precious stones - Added to give the strength, magic and dimension of nature, stones might include petrified wood, zebra, tigers eye, mookaite even the paler quartz


Mixed materials - Feathers, copper strips, glass nuggets, shells, stones, beads, leaves even discarded snake skin from a resident diamond python make their way into my work as I am inspired.

Cold Working Technique - Jacqueline uses the copper foil technique (Tiffany). Each piece of glass is painstakingly cut then ground with diamond bits to smooth the edges. Then each piece has copper foil wrapped around its edges before soldering. Mixed media pieces are either threaded with copper wire or wrapped in copper foil also. Flux is applied before joining the two metals together, allowing the solder to flow easily. When applied to copper foil, hot solder melts and creates a sturdy seam that holds the glass pieces together. For larger works a flat copper reinforcement is placed between glass for extra rigidity. Once the piece is completed it is then washed and polished, ready for display.


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